Vintage Wingback Armchairs


Vintage Wingback Armchairs A beautiful pair of vintage wingback armchairs from the 1950's that are in excellent original condition and are super comfortable.

Vintage Wingback Armchairs2018-07-14T15:45:43+10:00

Vintage Slat Back Armchairs


Vintage Slat-Back Armchairs A pair of Danish style slat-back armchair frames that are currently awaiting upholstery and restoration.

Vintage Slat Back Armchairs2020-01-23T13:54:11+11:00

Vintage Coachwood Armchairs


Vintage coachwood armchair frames that have been fully restored and are awaiting upholstery. Choose a fabric from our extensive range. Measures: 630mm W x 720mm D x 720mm H (400mm

Vintage Coachwood Armchairs2020-05-14T17:23:50+10:00