Paul Kafka Dining Chairs


Paul Kafka Dining Chairs A set of 6 beautifully designed dining chairs by Australian furniture maker, Paul Kafka.

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Paul Kafka Style Dining Chairs


Paul Kafka Style Dining Chairs A neat set of 6 Paul Kafka style dining chairs with their original vinyl upholstery. Circa 1950s these dining chairs feature the very noticeable Paul Kafka

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Paul Kafka style armchair


A lovely vintage Paul Kafka style armchair that is in excellent original condition. Recently upholstered in a woven charcoal fabric. Measurements: 850mm W x 780mm D x 800mm H (440mm

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Paul Kafka Dining Chairs


Paul Kafka Dining Chairs A striking set of four Paul Kafka dining chairs currently awaiting re-upholstery.

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Vintage Paul Kafka Lounge


Vintage Paul Kafka Lounge This stunning lounge by Paul Kafka is straight out of the Mad Men era.  This piece features restored timber work and original Vinyl upholstery. This unique

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