Collectika Features in House & Garden Magazine


We are delighted to announce that Collectika has been featured in the September issue of House & Garden Magazine in their Decorating section. House & Garden is the “go to” magazine for great tips on interior decoration and gardening.

This issue features our stunning easy armchair by Dutch furniture designer, Rob Parry accompanied by our lovely Parker furniture teak bed head. Both pieces are great examples of how retro and … Read the rest

Collectika Features in House & Garden Magazine2019-09-28T08:58:47+10:00

Parker Spade Back Dining Chairs


A nice set of 4 Parker spade back dining chairs that come in excellent original condition and are circa 1960's. Featuring in solid teak and veneered teak spade backs, these

Parker Spade Back Dining Chairs2020-04-10T10:56:44+10:00

Parker 3 Door Cat-Eye Sideboard


A superb 3 door, 4 drawer cat-eye sideboard by Parker Furniture that features in teak and has been fully restored. Circa 1960s, this Australian piece has become an iconic design

Parker 3 Door Cat-Eye Sideboard2019-09-28T11:38:45+10:00

Parker Nordic Carver Chairs


A beautiful pair of Parker carver armchairs from the Nordic range, which come in excellent original condition. Designed by Jack Parker for Australian furniture company, Parker Furniture circa late 1950s and

Parker Nordic Carver Chairs2019-09-28T11:40:29+10:00

Parker Side Table


A neat Parker side table that features in teak and comes in excellent original condition. With a lovely tapered leg and a solid timber trim, these Parker side tables resonate

Parker Side Table2019-09-28T11:49:03+10:00

Parker Lip Handle 3 Door Sideboard


A stunning Parker lip handle sideboard that comes in excellent original condition and features in teak. This is the largest of the Parker lip handle sideboards measuring up at 2.3m

Parker Lip Handle 3 Door Sideboard2019-09-28T11:54:19+10:00

Parker Oval Extendable Dining Table


A lovely oval dining table by Australian furniture designers, Parker Furniture that comes in excellent original condition, features in teak and dates back to the late 1950s. Measurements: 1800mm W

Parker Oval Extendable Dining Table2020-01-23T13:32:07+11:00

1950s Parker Dining Chairs


1950s Parker Dining Chairs A lovely set of 4 Parker dining chairs that have been newly upholstered. This set dates back to the early 1950s and feature in solid timber

1950s Parker Dining Chairs2018-07-08T07:08:36+10:00

Parker Oval Dining Table


Parker Oval Dining Table A beautiful oval dining table by Australian furniture makers, Parker. Featuring in teak, this table comfortably sits up to 8. Measurements: 1810mm W  x 1060mm D x 700mm H

Parker Oval Dining Table2018-07-18T15:32:27+10:00

Parker Lounge Chair


A lovely Parker Furniture lounge chair that comes newly upholstered in a high-quality wool and is Australian made. Measurements: 780mm W x 800mm D x 800mm H (460mm H to

Parker Lounge Chair2019-10-03T21:59:08+10:00
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