Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores in Australia

When it comes to retro and vintage furniture it is buyers and the public that are the trendsetters, not designers and retailers.  In Australia, retro furniture is considered one of the Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade. The trend is driven by a younger generation, a buying public that is more imaginative and to a very large extent motivated by green awareness. Of course, there is also a touch of romanticism and nostalgia involved.

Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores – a Modern Phenomenon

The idea of modern vintage or modern retro furniture is a strange paradox.  But it is a trend and much more than a fad.

Around the world savvy entrepreneurs who have recognised this trend have invested in stores specialising in vintage furniture, mostly mid-century with items from the 1950s and 1960s, being the most popular.  These stores are far from a jumble sale, second-hand stores.  They are typically of high quality, high street furniture stores that cater to a knowledgeable and discerning public.  Here is a useful  Guide to Buying Retro and Vintage Furniture.

What makes Retro Furniture ‘Green’?

Vintage furniture that has survived since the 1950s and 1960s are clearly well made, have proven their durability and is not involved in any current carbon footprint.  Using quality retro furniture avoids landfill or even recycling and of course deforestation and factory waste.  This is a very powerful argument for investing in vintage furniture.

Retro Stores in Sydney and The Rest of Australia

Australia’s retro furniture stores typically deliver a particularly leading service in this new trend in yesteryear furniture and decorative household items.  The market for buying mid-century furniture and restoring it to great levels of quality is buoyant and competitive.  Quality vintage stores are found from Perth to Sydney with some of the foremost stores in the city centres.

Collectika Vintage Furniture in Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Collectika, previously in Sydney and now in Burleigh Heads proudly competes among the leading retro vintage furniture stores and we have a very wide range of vintage tables, chairs, cabinets, lighting and ornaments on offer.   All items that need it are restored to original quality while retaining all of their vintage characteristics.  Our items boast a variety of  collections:

Leading Vintage Furniture Designers

We have a wide range vintage dining tables and chairs from famous designers such as Parker, Clement Meadmore and Hans Wegner.  They were famous in their day for innovative designs and quality builds and their products have survived for decades so that they are very sought after today.

Scandinavian, Eastern, German and Italian Designs

We have a wide range of Scandinavian mid-century furniture, some of the most popular origins of vintage chairs and tables.   Danish vintage furniture features strongly among our collections.  Our pottery collection is a joy to browse through with prize ornaments from the far East,  Germany and stunning designs from Italian creatives.

Retro Lighting and Collectables

A range of unusual to delightfully kitsch mid-century lighting and collectables brings colour and nostalgia to any collection and we have a large collection for imaginative decorators.

Collectika retro furniture store is situated in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.  We ship country wide.   You can find our address and contact details at the bottom of this page or you can contact us through the Contact link.