Retro Furniture Popularity

Retro Highback chairThe popularity of retro furniture continues to increase. Shops in vintage and retro furniture are starting up and growing worldwide and Australia is one of the leaders in this trend with some of the best retro furniture shops around.  Our local offers are boosted by many of the famous Australian designers of the retro era that saw the opportunity to build uniquely designed, high-quality products in the aftermath of the last world war.

This has left Australia with a reputation for quality mid-century furniture and ample stock of exceptionally well made retro furniture items like Parker, Clement Meadmore, Fler and the wide range of Danish furniture and Danish style retro items that have lasted for several decades by now. (See: Retro Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture) Modern furniture is not often made that well and is not as distinctive.



Retro Furniture Design Ideas

Like clothing, furniture fashions come and go.  Retro is just more long-lived than any modern trend and even modern designers keep borrowing from the retro and mid-century modern era. Here are some ideas on how to use retro furniture to brighten up your home and make it truly distinctive with a fashion that refuses to date.

1.  You can choose a retro style that you personally identify with.

retro furniture chairs

  • The mid-century modern 1950’s era introduced uncluttered and sleek lines and geometric forms
  • You can choose a style with high contrasting, bold colours or you can go for more muted, earthy colours
  • Pop culture may appeal to you with bright reds and vinyl.

The furniture from the 1950’s to the 1960’s is rich with variety in styles, colour ranges, and fabric patterns.

2. Choose your retro furniture for practicality and function.

Mid Century furniture was built to be practical and functional.  These are qualities that survive the times more than the ornate fashions that preceded them.

3. Illuminate the room with retro lighting.

retro furniture lampBentwood set of 3retro furniture Bitossi Vintage Red Lamp

Lighting was central to retro furniture decor styles. Lighting from the 1930s to the 1950’s used new ceramics and cloth patterns and aimed at being creative with style. The new space age influenced the lighting of the 1960’s and wall and pendant lights featured strongly as well. Floor lamps with big lampshades came along in the 1970’s often contrasted degree of minimalism.

Each style carries its own measure of nostalgia.  Your choice in retro lighting is an opportunity to be bold and daring without breaking the bank.

One or two thoughtfully chosen and positioned vintage lamps bring remarkable character influences to a room.

 4. Don’t ignore the accessories.

German Glass buc Vaseretro furniture Big Ben ClockceramicsCollectika has a stunning collection of small and large retro collectables that will put the finishing touches into any room to make it truly interesting and decorative.

Think about period mirrors, other wall ornaments, coffee table decorations and scatter items.  The corners of a room are ideal areas for making strong statements.

Again, choose a style that matches your personal taste, but do not shy away from the items that uniquely come from the retro era.  They add interest like no modern item can.

5. Change the theme.

Make a different statement for each room.  You want your living room to be welcoming as well as being filled with conversation pieces. Your kitchen is the ideal place for a variety of retro containers, and bright colours.  Why not look to create a 1950’s diner look with stainless steel stools, retro appliances and bold gingham patterns? Your bedroom should express what you like without care or constraints for anyone else’s tastes.  It is also a place that calls for regular change. Browse our site or come and visit our shop in Burleigh Heads. We are full of ideas for how to brighten up a home with retro furniture!

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