We regularly refresh our stock of mid-century modern furniture items. The following are mid-century modern furniture items that came into our store recently.

 Mid Century Modern Furniture -  Dining Tables

This fine example of of mid century modern furniture features solid wood vintage dining tables is in excellent condition.

We have several sets of vintage dining chairs of equal quality.  Many will match this exquisite table to complete a one of a kind dining room arrangement.   Of course, the best way to see it is in store, but a browse using the menu bar at the top of the site will let you have a good view of the wide selection of items that we regularly have in store.  As our stock is constantly moving and being replaced be sure to bookmark the site and come back or sign up for our newsletter in the footer.


mid century modern furnitureMid Century Modern Furniture Sideboards

Mid Century modern furniture sideboards and vintage buffets lend character and interest to a dining room.  They are also practically designed and like all quality vintage furniture, they are made to last.

This vintage sideboard is solidly made, well looked after and looks as it did when it was first constructed.

See more of what we have on offer here.


Mid Century Modern Parker Executive Armchair

Chairs from designers like Parker Furniture are collector’s items, decorative and functional.  The executive armchair featured in the image is elegant, sharp and typical of the mid-century modern style. It is part of a large collection of vintage chairs that we have available. You can view these here: Vintage Retro Armchairs

We suggest you visit the store or at least browse our website to see what is on offer.  These mid-century items are uniqueMid and do not stay with us long!

We also  have a large collection of Mid Century Daybeds

You can follow the links in the main menu drop-down to Seating/Armchairs or Seating/Daybeds or Seating/Dining Room Chairs or even Seating/Stools for specific views.

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Mid Century modern Daybed