Furniture – Gold Coast, Australia

Collectika recently moved furniture store from Sydney to the Gold Coast.  We offer a unique selection of designer furniture to Brisbane, Gold Coast, and all of Australia.  Among the many furniture stores in the Gold Coast, Collectika is one of very few that specialize in designer furniture with a particular focus on Mid Century Modern designers.

Why Designer Furniture?

modern designer furnitureWhat is the main motivation to consider designer furniture over mass produced? The way we decorate our houses has a lot of meaning in different ways. It speaks to who we are. Importantly it creates ambience around us in the space where we spend most of our time.  This can be loud or smoothing. It can be cozy and comfortable, but it can also be either sparse or cluttered.

What we surround ourselves with in our own created personal space can affect how we feel and manage life’s challenges.  It is worth giving it a lot of thought.

Home decoration is costly and should aim to last a while, perhaps a lifetime or more.  Even with regular refreshment with accessories and rearrangement, most of us would want to rely on a few precious foundation pieces that are like close family.

Some great design ideas can be found with a simple google search.

Mass produced furnitureModern self-assembly vs Designer Items

Of course there is a case to be made for low cost, modern, flat box units.  They have their place and usefulness, particularly if you are on a limited time and money budget and do not think long term.

There are many examples of both modern designer furniture and fast food style self-assembly pieces that will fit criteria such as comfort, usefulness and quality… or the other way around.  You can go equally right or wrong with either.

Mass produced furniture has the one ‘distinguishing’ characteristic:  You have probably seen it before.  There is likely a copy or near identical piece somewhere down the street and no doubt, it does not say anything about creativity or unique decorating ideas.  It does not stimulate and will soon become stale. Quality may seem adequate at the start but after a few years of use, the weak spots and poor workmanship under the covers begin to show and crumble.

Joys and pitfalls of Modern Designer Choices

Modern designer furniture is exciting, creative and innovative.  It certainly creates the opportunity to have something unique to enjoy and show off.  It typically has a fresh and airy style to it and does not regularly appear in movie sets.  True lasting quality varies.  Looks can be deceiving and the price tag may reflect something of the fame of the designer rather than the quality of the workmanship.

It is wise to shop with both your heart and your mind.   Do you like it!  Will you like it ten years from now?  Is it made to last, both in terms of quality and appeal?  Or is it a mini skirt that you will toss next season?

Mid Century Modern Designer Furniture

Mid century modern” may be anachronistic but it is a term that clings to iconic furniture designs from the middle of the last century, often synonymous with “retro” or “vintage” furniture.

The retro and vintage furniture designs from the post WWII era stand alone in long lasting appeal, quality and innovation.  Generally they were made to be very long lasting and the prided of workmanship shows even in the hidden parts of the furniture.

Apart from truly innovative designs, furniture from this era was made to last for generations and their appeal decades later speaks volumes about both the quality and longevity.  Like whisky and wine, Coca-Cola and New Year, they have been around for a long time and they survive the flowing tides of fashion.

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