Habitus Feature on Collectika Vintage Furniture

We are very pleased with the feature on Collectika in Habitus Magazine this month.  Habitus is a prestigious magazine with regular articles on design, architecture and interior decoration.

Their team of “Design Hunters” focus on finding the leaders in design locally and globally.

“Habitus 20 finds inspiring people from all walks of life…  from rugs, to heating and coffee machines, we find that the best new pieces for your home come from just around the corner, again proving that the Region really does have the best there is to offer….”

They ” …found one of the most interesting collections of vintage and mid-century furniture right in our backyard in Sydney…”

This is another demonstration that retro furniture has survived for 60 years or there about to compete with the best of modern design.

While “modern” has a great tendency to date within a year or two and to lose value, vintage furniture unashamedly boasts its heritage and age.

An item that has lasted 60 years has weathered and solidified.   It has long ago discharged its chemicals, and if a vintage armchair or table is still solid and decorative today, you can rely on it to be in the same condition another 50 or 60 years down the line, just more vintage and more valuable.

And the best news is that we did not have to cut down trees or burn fossil fuel in this century to enjoy them.

Have a look at the new Habitus and see how our vintage furniture displays proudly, shoulder to shoulder, with the best among modern designs.

Published on 9th of July, 2013