Mid-century, vintage or retro dining chairs can provide the finishing touch to a dining space that speaks of character and individuality. Beyond the home – in offices, design studios and conference rooms – they can make a lasting impression of creative thinking, confidence and permanence.

Robin Day Plastic Moulded Chairs


A neat set of 4 Polyside dining chairs by Robin Day for Hille finished in a dark blue, plastic moulded seat on a chrome leg base. Circa 1963, these dining

Robin Day Plastic Moulded Chairs2019-09-28T11:37:45+10:00

Parker Spade Back Dining Chairs


A nice set of 4 Parker spade back dining chairs that come in excellent original condition and are circa 1960's. Featuring in solid teak and veneered teak spade backs, these

Parker Spade Back Dining Chairs2019-09-28T11:38:18+10:00

Parker Nordic Carver Chairs


A beautiful pair of Parker carver armchairs from the Nordic range, which come in excellent original condition. Designed by Jack Parker for Australian furniture company, Parker Furniture circa late 1950s and

Parker Nordic Carver Chairs2019-09-28T11:40:29+10:00

Eames Plastic Armchairs DAR


We have a number of Eames Plastic Moulded DAR Armchairs with upholstery that come in excellent original condition and are licensed under Vitra. These were designed in 1950 by American

Eames Plastic Armchairs DAR2019-09-28T11:58:57+10:00

Eames Plastic Side Chairs DSS


We have a total of 3 Eames Plastic Moulded DSS chairs available that come in excellent original condition and are licensed under Vitra. Designed in 1950, these became a go-to

Eames Plastic Side Chairs DSS2019-09-28T11:59:54+10:00

1950s Edward Hill Dining Chairs


A set of 6 1950s Edward Hill dining chairs that feature in a light timber and come newly upholstered in a charcoal grey fabric.

1950s Edward Hill Dining Chairs2019-09-28T12:24:52+10:00

Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs


Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs A lovely set of 6 midcentury modern dining chairs that feature in solid teak and have been re-upholstered in a Danish Kvadrat wool. Only the 2

Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs2019-06-30T15:36:43+10:00

TH Brown Dining Chairs


TH Brown Dining Chairs A set of 8 TH Brown dining chairs that come with the timber work restored and in excellent condition.

TH Brown Dining Chairs2018-06-08T14:57:40+10:00

Contemporary Office Chair


Contemporary Office Chair A contemporary office chair that comes in excellent original condition featuring in moulded plastic and steel.

Contemporary Office Chair2018-06-08T14:48:10+10:00
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