1950s Parker Dining Chairs


1950s Parker Dining Chairs A lovely set of 4 Parker dining chairs that have been newly upholstered. This set dates back to the early 1950s and feature in solid timber

1950s Parker Dining Chairs2018-07-08T07:08:36+10:00

Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair


Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair A cracking lounge chair by designer, Martin Visser for Spectrum furniture. The Sz 66 lounge chair comes in excellent original condition featuring in chromed

Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair2018-06-09T07:48:19+10:00

Paul Kafka Style Dining Chairs


Paul Kafka Style Dining Chairs A neat set of 6 Paul Kafka style dining chairs with their original vinyl upholstery. Circa 1950s these dining chairs feature the very noticeable Paul Kafka

Paul Kafka Style Dining Chairs2019-08-21T07:05:14+10:00

Paul Kafka Dining Chairs


Paul Kafka Dining Chairs A striking set of four Paul Kafka dining chairs currently awaiting re-upholstery.

Paul Kafka Dining Chairs2018-06-09T07:48:26+10:00

T.H. Brown Dining Chairs


T.H. Brown Dining Chairs A rare set of T.H. Brown dining chairs out of South Australia in excellent original condition. Super comfortable and a great shape, these are available in

T.H. Brown Dining Chairs2018-06-09T07:48:34+10:00

Van Treight Armchair


Van Treight Armchair A nice armchair by furniture makers Van Treight. This piece is currently awaiting restoration and upholstery.

Van Treight Armchair2018-06-09T07:48:41+10:00

Vintage Ladder Back Dining Chairs


Vintage Ladder Back Dining Chairs A lovely set of four vintage dining chairs that feature a lovely timber ladder back and have been newly upholstered in a Danish felt wool.

Vintage Ladder Back Dining Chairs2018-06-09T07:48:50+10:00

Douglas Snelling Dining Table


Douglas Snelling Dining Table A fabulous fixed dining table by none other than Douglas Snelling. Iconic Australian design, this piece is currently awaiting a full restoration.

Douglas Snelling Dining Table2018-06-09T07:48:59+10:00

Early FLER Armchairs


Early FLER Armchairs A pair of lovely armchairs by FLER that are awaiting upholstery. They feature a wire frame with paddle arms.

Early FLER Armchairs2018-06-09T07:49:04+10:00
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