Double Nostalgia is the theme of this category of posts. We keep the images and descriptions of items that have passed through our hands as a gallery of retro and vintage furniture that is sought after as mid century modern interiors design pieces.

Eero Saarinen Tulip Side Tables


A stunning Tulip side table by renown furniture designer, Eero Saarinen for Knoll. Featuring in a solid marble top on the famous pedestal base. We have three available. Measurements: 400mm

Eero Saarinen Tulip Side Tables2019-09-28T12:07:22+10:00

Parker Side Table


A neat Parker side table that features in teak and comes in excellent original condition. With a lovely tapered leg and a solid timber trim, these Parker side tables resonate

Parker Side Table2019-09-28T11:49:03+10:00

Danish Carver Armchair


A neat Danish carver armchair featuring in timber, steel and the vinyl upholstery in excellent original condition.

Danish Carver Armchair2020-05-06T17:46:34+10:00

Leather & Chrome Armchairs for Habitat UK


A stunning pair of lounge chairs that feature in leather & chrome and were designed for Habitat UK in the late-1960s, early 1970s. These come in excellent original condition and are

Leather & Chrome Armchairs for Habitat UK2020-04-10T10:58:01+10:00

Parker Rattan Coffee Table


A neat Parker Furniture rattan shelf coffee table that comes in excellent original condition and features in teak. Measurements: 1300mm W x 500mm D x 480mm H

Parker Rattan Coffee Table2019-09-28T11:53:19+10:00

Parker Lip Handle 3 Door Sideboard


A stunning Parker lip handle sideboard that comes in excellent original condition and features in teak. This is the largest of the Parker lip handle sideboards measuring up at 2.3m

Parker Lip Handle 3 Door Sideboard2019-09-28T11:54:19+10:00

Mid-Century 4 Parker Door Sideboard


A stunning 4 door, mid-century sideboard by Parker Furniture that features in a lighter teak and comes in immaculate condition. Measurements: 2100mm W x 460mm D x 850mm H

Mid-Century 4 Parker Door Sideboard2019-09-28T11:55:16+10:00

Parker Oval Extendable Dining Table


A lovely oval dining table by Australian furniture designers, Parker Furniture that comes in excellent original condition, features in teak and dates back to the late 1950s. Measurements: 1800mm W

Parker Oval Extendable Dining Table2020-01-23T13:32:07+11:00

Vintage Ladder Back Dining Chairs


A lovely set of four vintage ladder back dining chairs that feature in teak and have been re-upholstered in a high quality, Italian felt wool.

Vintage Ladder Back Dining Chairs2019-09-28T12:00:40+10:00
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