Danish De Luxe 3 seater


An incredibly rare organic form Sofa from Danish De Luxe. We have had this guy in storage for over a decade, and cant wait to reupholster him. Read more about

Danish De Luxe 3 seater2020-05-06T17:46:29+10:00

Danish tiled top coffee table


A most beautiful example of a Danish tile top table in the manner of Royal Copenhagen. Measurements: 1290mm W x 680mm D x 530mm H

Danish tiled top coffee table2020-05-14T17:56:45+10:00

Danish cane bar stool by Sliedrecht


A lovely 1950s Danish bar stool made by Sliedrecht that comes in immaculate original condition and features in cane and steel. Measurements: 440mm W x 360mm D x 1000mm H

Danish cane bar stool by Sliedrecht2020-05-06T17:46:33+10:00

Danish Carver Armchair


A neat Danish carver armchair featuring in timber, steel and the vinyl upholstery in excellent original condition.

Danish Carver Armchair2020-05-06T17:46:34+10:00

Danish Tile Top Rosewood Coffee Table


A lovely coffee table featuring in rosewood and detailed tiling true the 1960s era.  This piece comes in excellent original condition or can be restored.

Danish Tile Top Rosewood Coffee Table2020-05-06T17:46:34+10:00

Danish Rosewood Drinks Trolley


Danish Rosewood Drinks Trolley A Danish rosewood drinks trolley featuring a laminated top and in excellent original condition.

Danish Rosewood Drinks Trolley2020-05-06T17:46:35+10:00

Danish Glass Top Coffee Table


Danish Glass Top Coffee Table A lovely Danish glass top coffee table in excellent original condition.

Danish Glass Top Coffee Table2020-05-06T17:46:35+10:00

Oval Danish Coffee Table


Oval Danish Coffee Table A neat oval Danish coffee table that comes in excellent original condition.

Oval Danish Coffee Table2020-05-06T17:46:35+10:00

Danish Deluxe “Rifka” Armchair


Vintage Danish Deluxe "Rifka" Armchair This Armchair was manufactured by Danish Deluxe in Melbourne and is constructed from Tasmanian Blackwood. Ready to reupholster in a fabric of your choice.

Danish Deluxe “Rifka” Armchair2020-05-06T17:46:36+10:00
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