Here you will find vintage pieces that are awaiting restoration or upholstery, from the best mid century designers of Australia and abroad, such as Paul Kafka, Parker Furniture, FLER (Fred Lowen and Ernest Roddick), T.H. Brown, Hans Wegner and Eames.

Simply choose one of our quality fabrics and the finish – and we’ll do the rest. A truly custom piece of the utmost calibre awaits.

FLER UTW lounge chair


Designed in 1959, the Fler UTW lounge chair is also known as "the peoples chair" With lovely maple wood paddle arms and a steel rod frame, it's the ultimate TV

FLER UTW lounge chair2021-02-17T14:48:37+10:00

Gerald Easden for Module Furniture


We have many pieces of this iconic Gerald Easden designed modular lounge pieces. Including footstools , lounges , armchairs and coffee tables. Please enquire within as to how we can

Gerald Easden for Module Furniture2020-04-29T08:03:58+10:00

Danish De Luxe 3 seater


An incredibly rare organic form Sofa from Danish De Luxe. We have had this guy in storage for over a decade, and cant wait to reupholster him. Read more about

Danish De Luxe 3 seater2020-05-06T17:46:29+10:00

Retro couch


Looking beyond the existing fabric , is one very nice 2 seater couch, as well as being super comfortable. Please enquire within as to how we can upholster this piece

Retro couch2020-05-11T23:22:43+10:00

1970’s velvet armchair


We have a matching pair of these Velvet Armchairs. These have a fantastic shape , and will look amazing with new upholstery. Super comforable as well. Please enquire within as

1970’s velvet armchair2020-04-29T07:38:16+10:00

Gerald Easden footstools


A pair of Gerald Easden footstools matching our lounge suite also listed. Please enquire within as to how we can upholster this piece for you.

Gerald Easden footstools2020-04-29T07:24:58+10:00

2 seater sofa frame


We have had this stunning sofa for a while. Although we dont know its maker, we do know its quality and has a very fine aesthetic indeed. This piece can

2 seater sofa frame2020-04-27T21:55:49+10:00

Parker recliner


A stunning recliner from Parker furniture, that in our minds is one of their best model chairs. This piece features in teak detailing. Please enquire within as to how we

Parker recliner2020-05-14T11:26:26+10:00

Kurt Olsen armchairs


We absolutely love everything about these organic Scandinavian Modern Armchairs. Made in Denmark circa 1950's and designed by Kurt Olsen for Glostrup Mobelfabrik. These are finished in teak, and would

Kurt Olsen armchairs2020-05-14T11:30:35+10:00

3 seater sofa by Catt Furniture


We absolutely love the lines on this vintage piece by West Australian cabinet makers, father and son team, known as Catt Furniture. Leave as is, or upholster to your specs.

3 seater sofa by Catt Furniture2020-05-14T11:40:55+10:00
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