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Mid Century Modern Furniture – Regular New Stock


We regularly refresh our stock of mid-century modern furniture items. The following are mid-century modern furniture items that came into our store recently.

 Mid Century Modern Furniture -  Dining Tables

This fine example of of mid century modern furniture features solid wood vintage dining tables is in excellent condition.

We have several sets of vintage dining chairs of equal quality.  Many will match this exquisite table to complete a one of a kind dining room arrangement.   Of … Read the rest

Mid Century Modern Furniture – Regular New Stock2020-05-03T08:36:38+10:00

Vintage Furniture – How to Choose Quality and Design


Decorating with Vintage Furniture

There are no hard and fast rules for decorating with vintage furniture or retro furniture.  You can choose to strictly represent a specific vintage look or even a regional style like German of the Scandinavian retro era. Vintage furniture or collectables mix equally well with modern furniture, adding interest and contrast.  This article focuses more on choosing quality pieces.

Things that add value to vintage … Read the rest

Vintage Furniture – How to Choose Quality and Design2020-05-03T00:51:11+10:00

Parker Furniture


Parker Furniture – an Australian Success Story

parker furniture nordicWhen Jack Parker started making kitchen furniture in 1935, could he have foreseen that his company will become one of Australia’s greatest industrial success stories?

Over the first few years of its existence, the Parker furniture company established such a countrywide reputation for quality and innovation that from the 1950’s through the 1980’s it seemed that everybody wanted to own a piece of … Read the rest

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Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores in Burleigh Heads and Australia


Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores in Australia

When it comes to retro and vintage furniture it is buyers and the public that are the trendsetters, not designers and retailers.  In Australia, retro furniture is considered one of the Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade. The trend is driven by a younger generation, a buying public that is more imaginative and to a very large extent motivated by green … Read the rest

Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores in Burleigh Heads and Australia2019-08-21T07:50:14+10:00
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