Parker Lounge Chair


A lovely Parker Furniture lounge chair that comes newly upholstered in a high-quality wool and is Australian made. Measurements: 780mm W x 800mm D x 800mm H (460mm H to

Parker Lounge Chair2020-04-10T16:01:38+10:00

Bengt Ruda armchair


A stunningly designed easy armchair by Swedish furniture maker, Bengt Ruda for Nordiska Kompaniet. This armchair comes in excellent original condition. Measures: 670mm W x 620mm D x 700mm H

Bengt Ruda armchair2020-05-14T17:16:14+10:00

Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair


Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair A cracking lounge chair by designer, Martin Visser for Spectrum furniture. The Sz 66 lounge chair comes in excellent original condition featuring in chromed

Martin Visser SZ 66 Lounge Chair2018-06-09T07:48:19+10:00