This is a list of Blog posts on Collectika. Here we discuss anything and everything of interest about retro furniture and lighting.

Anyone interested in 1950s, 1960\’s and other mid century furniture and fittings will find these discussions informative and interesting. We welcome interaction and would like to have your comments.

Retro Furniture

Retro Furniture Popularity The popularity of retro furniture continues to increase. Shops in vintage and retro furniture are starting up and growing world-wide and Australia is one of the leaders in this trend with some of the best retro furniture shops around.  Our local offers are boosted by many of the famous Australian designers of the retro era that saw the opportunity to build uniquely designed, high quality products in … Read the rest

Retro, Vintage, Mid-Century Modern Furniture- The Terms Explained

‘Retro’,  ‘Vintage’, ‘Mid Century’ and ‘Mid-Century Modern’ are terms being used  by Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores everywhere.  Further,  qualifiers such as ‘style’ or ‘design’ are often thrown in either to honestly define a piece or to disguise its lack of authenticity.  Examples are:  ‘Vintage Style’, ‘Retro Style’, ‘Danish Style’, ‘Danish Design’. To complete the list of casually interchanged phrases we should add ‘Antique’ and ‘Art Deco’. The popularity of … Read the rest

Danish Furniture in Australia

The Danish Furniture Design Movement Danish Furniture became famous and in high demand when Danish furniture designers started a trend in furniture design in the 1920’s that was innovative, creative and functional. Danish designers used new industrial technologies, ideas of simplicity and functionalism.  The movement’s innovations were incorparated in the design of furniture, household objects sculpture and architecture.  Perhaps the most iconic architecture that came from Danish design is the … Read the rest

Collectika Features in Habitus

Habitus Feature on Collectika Vintage Furniture We are very pleased with the feature on Collectika  in Habitus Magazine this month.  Habitus is a prestigious magazine with regular articles on design, architecture and linterior decoration. Their team of “Design Hunters” focus on finding the leaders in design locally and globally.

“Habitus 20 finds inspiring people from all walks of life…  from rugs, to heating and coffee machines, we find that the … Read the rest

New Stock of Mid Century Modern Furniture

We regularly refresh our stock of mid century furniture items. The following are mid century modern furniture items that came into our store recently. Stunning New Mid Century Lights We managed to lay our hands on a great collection of mid century lamps at the Collectika store.  This example is a brown vintage Bitossi desk lamp that looks even better up close than in the photo. It is one of … Read the rest

How to Choose Quality Vintage or Retro Furniture

Decorating with Retro Furniture There are no hard and fast rules for decorating with retro furniture.  You can choose to strictly represent a specific vintage look or even a regional style like German of Scandinavian retro era.  Retro furniture or collectables mix equally well with modern furniture, adding interest and contrast.  This article focuses more on choosing quality pieces. Things that add value to retro furniture and collectables:

Original … Read the rest